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A Computational approach to Identify MicroRNA (miRNA) based Biomarker from the Regulation of Disease Pathology

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Biol Med Case Rep. 2018; 2 (2): 12-25. Biol Med Case Rep 2018 Volume 2 Issue

Source : Biol Med Case Rep. 2018; 2 (2): 12-25. Biol Med Case Rep 2018 Volume 2 Issue

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Campus : Coimbatore

Center : Computational Engineering and Networking

Year : 2018

Abstract : Psoriasis is a disorder mediated by immune system by making certain faulty signals in the human body. It’s still a belief that psoriasis can be developed under the specified condition ie,“when the immune system signals the body to accelerate the growth of skin cells. In case of psoriasis, the skin cells mature in 3-6 days. Instead of being in shed, the cells in skin get pile up to cause the visible lesions. It was also found that the genes that cause psoriasis can determine the reaction of a person’s immune system. These genes can either cause psoriasis or other conditions which are immune-mediated like Type-I diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. Pathophysiology of psoriasis involves the understanding of the occurrence of prominent pathologies in the major components of skin ie, the epidermis and the dermis. There are two well established hypotheses about the process that occurs in the development of the disease. The first hypothesis considers psoriasis as a disorder with excessive growth and reproduction of skin cells. Here, the problem is viewed as a fault of the epidermis and its keratinocytes. In second hypothesis, the disease is viewed as an immune-mediated disorder. Here, the excessive reproduction of skin cells is secondary to the factors produced by the immune system [1, 2]. Micro RNA is a family of non-coding RNA (ncRNA) which was discovered in 1993, it consist of 19-25 nucleotides and regulates the expression of approximately 30% of proteincoding miRNAs in humans [3]. Base pairing at the position of 2-8 nucleotides were relative to the 5′ end of the small RNA to be termed as the “seed” region and it appears to be important for target

Cite this Research Publication : H Anandaram, A computational approach to identify microRNA (miRNA) based biomarker from the regulation of disease pathology - Biol Med Case Rep. 2018; 2 (2): 12-25. Biol Med Case, 2018

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