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A construction of a conformal Chebyshev chaotic map based authentication protocol for healthcare telemedicine services

Publication Type : Journal

Publisher : Springer

Source : Complex & Intelligent Systems volume

Url :

Year : 2021

Abstract : The outbreak of coronavirus has caused widespread global havoc, and the implementation of lockdown to contain the spread of the virus has caused increased levels of online healthcare services. Upgraded network technology gives birth to a new interface “telecare medicine information systems” in short TMIS. In this system, a user from a remote area and a server located at the hospital can establish a connection to share the necessary information between them. But, it is very clear that all the information is always being transmitted over a public channel. Chaotic map possesses a dynamic structure and it plays a very important role in the construction of a secure and efficient authentication protocols, but they are generally found vulnerable to identity-guess, password-guess, impersonation, and stolen smart-card. We have analyzed (Li et al. in Fut Gen Comput Syst 840:149–159, 2018; Madhusudhan and Nayak Chaitanya in A robust authentication scheme for telecare medical information systems, 2008; Zhang et al in Privacy protection for telecare medicine information systems using a chaotic map-based three-factor authenticated key agreement scheme, 2017; Dharminder and Gupta in Pratik security analysis and application of Chebyshev Chaotic map in the authentication protocols, 2019) and found that Bergamo’s attack (IEEE Trans Circ Syst 52(7):1382–1393, 2005) cannot be resisted by the protocol. Although few of the protocols ensures efficient computations but they cannot ensure an anonymous and secure communication. Therefore, we have proposed a secure and efficient chaotic map based authentication protocol that can be used in telecare medicine information system. This protocol supports verified session keys with only two messages of exchange. Moreover, we have analysed the performance of proposed protocol with relevant protocols and it is being implemented in “Automated Validation of Internet Security Protocols and Applications” respectively.

Cite this Research Publication : Dharminder, D., Kumar, U. & Gupta, P. A construction of a conformal Chebyshev chaotic map based authentication protocol for healthcare telemedicine services. Complex Intell. Syst. 7, 2531–2542 (2021).

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