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A Hybrid Model for VANET Information Dissemination

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Foundation of Computer Science

Source : International Journal of Computer Application

Url :

Campus : Chennai

School : School of Engineering

Department : Computer Science and Engineering

Year : 2013

Abstract : Accidents have been a serious issue of all times. VANET is an emerging mobile adhoc network used in order to improve vehicle and road safety, traffic efficiency, and convenienceas well as comfort to both drivers and passengers. But in VANET, in sparsely populated areas, the messages are not propagated to the neighbors properly, due to fading of messages with distance.There are several solutions to this issue. A Vehicle to Vehicle(V2V) based gossip network may prove effective but if a gossip dies out then it is not fruitful. A V2V store-carry-forward mode of information transfer may be used, but again the results are not guaranteed. The proposed system provides an overview about issues with V2V communication and existing solutions in sparsely populated areas, and points to usage of hybrid model with minimal V2V or no V2V for sparsely populated areas which uses Vehicle to Road side unit(V2R) or Vehicle- to – infrastructure(V2I) which uses existing infrastructure laid for mobile communication and needs very less add-on installations hence proves to be a cost effective solution.

Cite this Research Publication : J.Jeyalakshmi, S.Sreesubha,”A Hybrid Model for VANET Information Dissemination,International Journal of Computer Application.,vol. 80,no.17,pp.31-36, 2013.doi: 10.5120/13970-1876

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