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A Low Complexity Impulse Radio Based UWB Transceiver Model for Automated Arrhythmia Analysis

Publisher : Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking, ICCCN 2008

Year : 2008

Abstract : In this paper, a 4GHz clock synchronized transceiver model is proposed for the transmission of biomedical sensor signals like ECG to perform an automated diagnosis of arrhythmia. The system is based on non-coherent architecture which enables the receiver to be extremely simple and largely insensitive to the transmitted pulse shape. By using energy collection approach, a bank of integrators is used to determine the energy of the signal for specific intervals of time, thus making the receiver efficient in a multipart environment. Detection of arrhythmia requires an accurate estimation of the R-R interval of the ECG signal. The proposed model estimates R-R interval and detects different catastrophic arrhythmias. © 2008 IEEE.

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