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A Multiobjective Bacterial Foraging Algorithm to Solve the Environmental Economic Dispatch Problem

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : Energy Sources, Part B: Economics, Planning, and Policy

Url :

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Engineering

Year : 2014

Abstract : In this article, multi-objective bacterial foraging with non-dominated sorting procedure is applied to solve the non-linear constrained environmental/economic dispatch problem. In the proposed work, we have considered the standard IEEE 30-bus 6-generator test system with fuel cost and emission as two conflicting objectives to be optimized simultaneously. The limits on generator real power and reactive power outputs, bus voltages and power flow of transmission lines, ramp rate limits and prohibited operating zones are considered as the constraints. The proposed work also includes the effect of having non-smooth cost characteristics to mimic the valve point loading effect. The simulation result reveals that the proposed approach is a competitive one to the existing methods for finding the best optimal Pareto front of two conflicting objectives and has the better robustness.

Cite this Research Publication : V. Ravikumar Pandi,B. K. Panigrahi,W.-C. Hong &R. Sharma, A multiobjective bacterial foraging algorithm to solve the environmental economic dispatch problem., Energy Sources, Part B: Economics, Planning, and Policy, 2014, Taylor & Francis Group

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