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A New Method for Preventing Man-in-the-Middle Attack in IPv6 Network Mobility

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : Springer Singapore

Source : Advances in Electrical and Computer Technologies

Url :

ISBN : 9789811555589

Keywords : IPv6 Neighbour discovery protocol Fire brigade attack Man-in-the-middle attack Authentication

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Department : Computer Science

Year : 2020

Abstract : IPv6 is the next-generation version of the Internet Protocol, which is soon bound to take over IPv4, its predecessor completely. It has various features over IPv4 such as error detection and communication and is comparatively more secure than the predecessor due to the usage of IPsec and ICMPv6. The neighbour discovery protocol, specific to IPv6, offers some applications for neighbour discovery, reachability and address resolution but more the number of applications, more the chance for vulnerabilities. Even though the IPv6 is said to be more secure than IPv4, it falls prey to some attacks which lead to fatal consequences. One such attack is the man-in-the-middle attack where an attacker positioned manipulates the communication in between the nodes. In spite of using IPsec, the attacker can cause a hindrance to the network. The man-in-the-middle attack has many types and solutions proposed to prevent it. This paper explores man-in-the-middle attack along with the existing solutions and proposes a new method to prevent it.

Cite this Research Publication : Mathi S., Srikanth L. (2020) A New Method for Preventing Man-in-the-Middle Attack in IPv6 Network Mobility. In: Sengodan T., Murugappan M., Misra S. (eds) Advances in Electrical and Computer Technologies. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol 672. Springer, Singapore.

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