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A Painstaking Exploration on the Influence of Perceived Benefits towards Training on Training and Development in Indian IT/ITES Industry

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Business

Department : Department of Management

Year : 2016

Abstract : Training is one of the most inevitable compulsions for personal and professional evolution. One has to be on a rocket which always points towards a continuous and continual development. As time passes it is not the fittest who survive, it is the one who quickly adapts to the change who survives, and this can only be through a continual and lifelong training and learning process which is goal oriented and systematic. Many studies have been conducted on training and the needs of training but the scope further existed to explore whether the concept has relevance in those IT and IteS companies which has the highest process level maturity CMM level 5. The resolution of this study was to define a talented research on the prominence of training in capability maturity model level five Indian IT and ITeS industry. The study was also designed to establish whether various factors reported are having significant relationships with major factors as training quality and perceived benefits. The task of improving the training quality would begin with a strong effort of measuring it and this thesis has tried to develop a scale for measuring the prominence of training in CMM level 5 Indian IT and ITeS industries. Various factors where identified and the relationships where also studied. As a part of the study a model of the relationship was also proposed. To further confirm the relationship between these variables hypothesis where formulated and they were tested with latest statistical tools for confirmation. To arrive at a conclusion all the variables and factors were conceptualised on the strength of established theory and were measured using suitable indicators based on the response of the respondents by conducting a survey using structured questionnaires.Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce

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