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A Review on Slug Reversal During Punching and Blanking

Publication Type : Conference Proceedings

Source :  Materials Today: Proceedings 18 (2019): 2745-2752.

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Campus : Chennai

School : School of Engineering

Department : Mechanical Engineering

Year : 2019

Abstract : Slug reversal (SR) is a tendency of the slug after piercing to pull out of the matrix and get stuck to the face of the punch during withdrawal. If the slug falls off the punch face, it can cause damage to the part and die. Slug reversal in a stamping die can be expensive and irksome. A single slug can incapacitate production. Therefore, keeping it out of the matrix or better yet, making its way out of the die completely is the preferable scenario. For small and medium scale industries, the amount to be spent in accommodating preventive measures for SR is quite testing. It is amazing that, stampers, to reduce the die production cost compromise punches with slug ejectors. This paper put down all the causes and methods of checking SR prescribed by researchers and die makers. All the alterations in the punches and matrix are discussed comprehensively to understand their pros and cons and utility in the right kind of shearing applications.

Cite this Research Publication : Kumar S, Maity SR, and Patnaik L. "A Review on Slug Reversal During Punching and Blanking." Materials Today: Proceedings 18 (2019): 2745-2752.

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