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A study on prospects and problems of employees of selected manufacturing companies with special reference to health insurance

Publisher : International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology

Year : 2018

Abstract : pAt present everyone is in competition with time and each other to achieve their goal or dreams. The concept of health is being ignored by many of the people in the present situation. Most of the people do not concentrate on physical fitness due to busy schedule of work, culture and food habit. As the increase of work load on the people has forced them to give less focus on their health. In manufacturing company’s employees are given with lot of work loads as the competition in manufacturing industry is increasing day-by-day. It is an industry dealing with production and manufacturing which involves huge risk to their lives or health. There are chances of accidents, chemical reactions affecting the employees working there which are unpredicted. There is a chance for falling ill, getting diseases, or chances of any uncertainties like accidents. But, employees are unable to meet their unforeseen medical expenses. Directly or indirectly they try to meet these expenses with the support of savings, particularly Health Insurance. The present study focus to understand the problems faced by the employees of manufacturing company in present scenario. with reference to Mysuru city. © IAEME Publication./p

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