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A (t, n) Secure Sum Multiparty Computation Protocol Using Multivariate Polynomial Secret Sharing Scheme

Publication Type : Book Chapter

Thematic Areas : TIFAC-CORE in Cyber Security

Publisher : Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering Systems: Proceedings of ICAEES 2014, Volume 1

Source : Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering Systems (pp. 457-463). Springer India.

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering, Centre for Cybersecurity Systems and Networks

Center : TIFAC CORE in Cyber Security

Department : cyber Security

Year : 2015

Abstract : pA (t,nbsp;n) threshold scheme is a method for sharing a secret amongnbsp;nnbsp;shareholders so that the collaboration of at leastnbsp;tnbsp;shareholders is required in order to reconstruct the shared secret. In this paper, we propose a (t,nbsp;n) secure sum multiparty computation protocol using multivariate polynomial secret sharing scheme. In this scheme, anynbsp;tnbsp;or more shareholders acting in collusion can reconstruct the secret, but a particular shareholder’s information is not revealed to other shareholders. This scheme can be applied for authenticating a selected single group ofnbsp;tparticipants securely without revealing their shares./p

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