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A Thematic Study on the cause and effects of television violence on children

Publisher : Academic Journal

Campus : Coimbatore

Department : Communication

Year : 2012

Abstract : Television has been a subject of discussion ever since it was introduced in India as an experimental educational service in 1959. From various studies it has been found that children with heavy exposure come under the influence of violence portrayed on television than children with moderate or light or no exposure. Similarly children with heavy television exposure are the ones who learn and imitate TV behaviours more than children with moderate or light or no exposure. Television is extremely popular with children as it has a multi-sensorial appeal. It is believed that repeated exposure to real-life and to entertainment violence may alter cognitive, affective, and behavioural processes, possibly leading to desensitization. In the present world with all-encompassing hostile television and infants being vulnerable to its effects, the depiction of television violence has become the noteworthy factor in causing antagonistic behaviour among children. This research is a thematic endeavour to analyze whether the exposure to television violence leads to real-life violent behaviour among children. The area of the study has been confined to three different aspects though there were other aspects which felt less appealing. Findings of the study will help in development of resources to assist parents in the constructive and educational use of media with their children. A descriptive method is used here. The effectual and customary parental mediation of their children's viewing by restricting the amount and types of programs being watched forms the conclusion.

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