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A two-photon fluorescent probe records the intracellular pH through ‘OR’ logic operation via internal calibration

Publication Type : Journal Article

Thematic Areas : Advanced Materials and Green Technologies

Publisher : Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical

Source : Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical, Elsevier B.V., Volume 268, p.195-204 (2018)

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Keywords : Alkalinity, Computer circuits, Excitation wavelength, Fluorescence, Internal calibration, Intracellular, Logic gates, Mitochondria, Nutrient-starvation, pH, pH meters, PH probe, Photons, Probes, Real time monitoring, Spectroscopic behavior, Two photon fluorescence

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Center : Center for Excellence in Advanced Materials and Green Technologies, Center for Industrial Research and Innovation (ACIRI)

Department : Civil

Year : 2018

Abstract : Mapping the intracellular location and concentration of hydronium ions (H3O+) and their dynamics could be a useful diagnostic tool in modern clinical science. Current needs motivated us to develop a molecular pH probe 1, operating as a logic gate, and its analogue 2. The pyridyl moiety in 1 played a significant role in proton capture and release, in acidic to alkaline pH environments. In contrast, 2 failed to show a similar spectroscopic behavior. 1 shows emission maximum at 450 nm that is independent on the pH, with excitation at 353 nm or 410 nm in acid and alkaline pH, respectively. 1 was employed to provide input-dependent (excitation wavelength) fluorescence images in a cellular milieu to detect pH changes in cellular organelles such as lysosomes and mitochondria. Furthermore, 1 provided information on the variation of the pH in the presence of cellular ROS. 1 was also found to enable the real-time monitoring of cell acidification due to nutrient starvation, which is closely associated with mitochondrial malfunction, fusion and mitophagy processes. We envision that in due course 1 can open up new research avenues in the diagnostic sector for validating the pH in the cellular milieu. © 2018 Elsevier B.V.

Cite this Research Publication : A. Podder, Won, M., Kim, S., Verwilst, P., Maiti, M., Yang, Z., Qu, J., Bhuniya, S., and Kim, J. S., “A two-photon fluorescent probe records the intracellular pH through ‘OR’ logic operation via internal calibration”, Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical, vol. 268, pp. 195-204, 2018.

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