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A Wearable Device to Detect Blood Volume Change

Publisher : 2019 5th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Systems, ICACCS 2019

Year : 2019

Abstract : The real time Pulse Rate Variability (PRV) is essential in today's world due to increase in the number of cardiovascular cases in medical field. Photo plethysmography is a simple and inexpensive optical technique in which skin is illuminated by light and the volumetric changes in the blood vessels is measured. Wearable devices use this technique to acquire the PRV. In this project we propose a wearable device which produces real time PRV value. This device includes the amplifier and filter for the accuracy of signal and the accelerometer is used to remove noise due to motion artifact. This device will be capable of transmitting the acquired PPG signal wirelessly with the use of Wi-Fi technology. The PRV values we have got for men are more than that of the women which satisfies the general standard clinical measurements of PRV values. © 2019 IEEE.

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