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An Analysis of Causative Factors for Road Accidents using PAM and Hierarchical Clustering Techniques

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Wiley Online Library

Source : Engineering Reports, 2024, DOI:

Url :

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Department : Mathematics

Year : 2024

Abstract : Insufficient progress in the development of national highways and state highways, coupled with a lack of public awareness regarding road safety, has resulted in prevalent traffic congestion and a high rate of accidents. Understanding the dominant and contributing factors that may influence road traffic accident severity is essential. This study identified the primary causes and the most significant target-specific causative factors for road accident severity. A modified partitioning around medoids model determined the dominant road accident features. These clustering algorithms will extract hidden information from the road accident data and generate new features for our implementation. Then, the proposed method is compared with the other state-of-the-art clustering techniques with three performance metrics: the silhouette coefficient, the Davies–Bouldin index, and the Calinski–Harabasz index. This article's main contribution is analyzing six different scenarios (different angles of the problem) concerning grievous and non-injury accidents. This analysis provides deeper insights into the problem and can assist transport authorities in Tamil Nadu, India, in deriving new rules for road traffic. The output of different scenarios is compared with hierarchical clustering, and the overall clustering of the proposed method is compared with other clustering algorithms. Finally, it is proven that the proposed method outperforms other recently developed techniques.

Cite this Research Publication : Amir H. Gandom Pendyala Manasa, Pragya Ananth, Priyadarshini Natarajan, K. Somasundaram, E. R. Rajkumar, Kattur Soundarapandian Ravichandran, Venkatesh Balasubramanian, “An Analysis of Causative Factors for Road Accidents using PAM and Hierarchical Clustering Techniques”, Engineering Reports, 2024, DOI:

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