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An Analysis of Dhatu-Varga in Bhava Prakasha Nighantu

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Ann Ayur Med

Source : Ann Ayur Med 6, 40-50, April, 2017.

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Campus : Amaravati

School : School of Spiritual and Cultural Studies

Center : Center for Spiritual Studies

Year : 2017

Abstract : The roots of Rasashastra that existed in the Ayurveda classical texts, gained importance and developed as an independent science from the 7 th century C.E onwards. By the 16 th Century C.E. all concepts pertaining to this subject had been firmly established. Bhava Prakasha Nighantu is one amongst the Laghutrayi of Ayurveda and written in 16 th century C.E. by Bhavamishra. This book is an important landmark in the history of Indian medicine as it stands at the cusp of the medieval and modern periods. The book also proved to be a turning point for the future course of Ayurveda because of the fact that the author had revived the style of Samhitas and contributed a good deal towards the various aspects of indigenous medical portfolio by adding new ideas and information on contemporary drugs. It is renowned for Ayurvedic pharmacopeia mostly of plant origin along with a concise description of drugs of metal and mineral origin with processing techniques and therapeutic uses. This research article aims to focus on drugs of metals and mineral origin explained in the eighth chapter of Bhava Prakasha Nighantu along with the adaptations and establishments of Rasa concepts. Mendeleev's Periodic Table is used as a reference point for analysis and understanding of the use of metals, ores, alloys and compounds in therapeutics by the Rasashastra authors.

Cite this Research Publication : An Analysis of Dhatu-Varga in Bhava Prakasha Nighantu” Siva Panuganti, V Ballakur, J Prasad, Ann Ayur Med 6, 40-50, April, 2017.

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