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An empirical study on service quality perceptions and continuance intention in mobile banking context in India (ABDC-C)

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce

Source : Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, Volume 17, Number 1 (2012)

Url :

Keywords : Continuance intention, M-banking, Perceived service quality, Satisfaction

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Business

Department : Commerce and Management

Year : 2012

Abstract : This paper examines the factors influencing the continuance decisions of the early adopters of m-banking services in Kerala, India. The study was designed in the backdrop of the issues faced by the banks to attract more customers irrespective of the huge mobile penetration in the country. The study used constructs adopted from Technology Acceptance Model along with constructs of perceived service quality, perceived credibility and perceived risk to empirically establish the influence on satisfaction and continuance usage intentions. The study could find strong linkage between perceived service quality, satisfaction and continuance intentions. The study also confirmed that after adoption of the technology, the customer finds satisfaction in the quality parameters of the service. Perceptions about the risks involved in m-banking had adverse impact on service quality and satisfaction. Continuance intentions were found solely dependent on satisfaction in the m-banking context in Kerala. © Rejikumar and SudharaniRavindran, (2012).

Cite this Research Publication : Rejikumar G. and Ravindran D. S. (2012). An Empirical Study on Service Quality Perceptions and Continuance Intention in Mobile Banking Context in India. Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, 17(1), 1.

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