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An investigation on HTTP/2 security

Publisher : Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Center : TIFAC CORE in Cyber Security

Year : 2018

Abstract : In the current world scenario where everyone is using the Internet, it is becoming a strenuous task to preserve security. Furthermore the world is becoming progressively digital by the passing of each minute.Alarge portion of the Internet is conducted using the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). But in 2015, it underwent a consequential enhancement and was released as HTTP/2. HTTP/2 includes pipelining, response multiplexing, server push and header compression using HPACKbesides the properties of HTTP/1.1. These properties make it difficult for the eavesdroppers to monitor or fingerprint a website running on HTTP/2. This paper deals with the research on how strong the HTTP/2 protocol keeps the user information hidden and secure. By monitoring a live network traffic, its properties with HTTP/2 is assessed. This study helps understand the different aspects of the protocol and its influence on the network and browsers. © 2018 the Author(s).

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