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Analysis of functional outcome of Hoffa fractures: A retrospective review of 32 patients

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : J OrthopSurg (Hong Kong). 2017 May-Aug;25(2):2309499017718928

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Campus : Faridabad

Year : 2017

Abstract : Purpose: Hoffa fractures are uncommon intra-articular fractures of femoral condyle in coronal plane. The purpose of our study is to assess radiologic and functional outcome in operatively treated Hoffa fractures. Methods: We retrospectively reviewed 32 patients of isolated Hoffa fracture from January 2010 to March 2015. All were treated with open reduction and internal fixation using lateral approach for lateral Hoffa and medial approach for medial Hoffa fracture. Cancellous screws in lag mode and/or antiglide plate were employed for fixation in accordance with fracture anatomy. All patients were subjected to aggressive physical therapy postoperatively. Knee Society Score (KSS), International Knee Documentation Committee Score (IKDC), and Knee range of motion (ROM) were documented at final follow-up for functional evaluation. Results: All fractures united by mean time of 11.56 ± 1.5 weeks. No evidence of subsequent displacement or fixation failure, arthritis, Avascular necrosis (AVN) of femoral condyle was elicited in any of the patients. Documented mean KSS and mean IKDC Score at final follow-up were 83.19 ± 8.43 and 81.62± 6.95, respectively. ROM at final follow-up was ranging from 0° to mean 116.41° ± 13.98°. Complications included stiffness of the involved knee in four patients, including one patient who developed infection and had to undergo implant removal after fracture union. Conclusion: Operative treatment of Hoffa fractures yields fairly good functional outcome. One must endeavor to achieve adequate intraoperative exposure and stable congruous articular reconstruction. Early aggressive physical therapy is a harbinger of optimal outcome.

Cite this Research Publication : Trikha V, Das S, Gaba S, Agrawal P. Analysis of functional outcome of Hoffa fractures: A retrospective review of 32 patients. J OrthopSurg (Hong Kong). 2017 May-Aug;25(2):2309499017718928. doi: 10.1177/2309499017727948.

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