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Association of alcohol use with quality of life (QoL): A community based study from Puducherry, India

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : India. Clin. Epidemiol. Glob. Heal

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Campus : Kochi

School : School of Medicine

Year : 2021

Abstract :

Background: There is a paucity of information available on the severity of alcohol use with quality of life (QoL). Hence this study aimed to assess the association of alcohol use with QoL.
Methods: A community-based cross-sectional study was conducted among 316 adult men aged ≥18 years in Puducherry, South India. Individuals were selected using a multistage sampling technique. WHO AUDIT and WHO QoL BREF questionnaire were used. Multiple linear regression analysis was used to assess the independent association of alcohol use with QoL.
Results: Mean (SD) age at initiation was 25.1 (8.8) years. The prevalence of probable dependence was 8.2% (95% CI 5.4–11.8%), and hazardous or harmful use was 27.8% (95% CI 24.8–35.1%). Overall mean (SD) score of QoL was lower among alcohol users compared to non-alcohol users [50.7 (10.9) vs 63.5 (10.1), p-value <0.001]. QoL score was significantly lower among alcohol users in QoL rating and health satisfaction; also in physical, psychological, social relationship, and environmental domains. High-risk alcohol users and urban residence had 11.2 and 4.1 less QoL scores respectively and educated had 7 more QoL scores compared to the reference category.
Conclusions: Alcohol use is associated with low quality of life. There is a need of alcohol-deaddiction strategies to reduce alcohol use and improve their QoL.

Cite this Research Publication : Olickal JJ, Kumar Saya G, Ramya S, Chinnakali P. Association of alcohol use with quality of life (QoL): A community-based study from Puducherry, India. Clin. Epidemiol. Glob. Heal. 2021;100697.

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