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Chalcone: A promising bioactive scaffold in medicinal chemistry

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : MDPI

Source : Pharmaceuticals Volume 15 Issue 10 Pages 1250, 2022

Url :

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Physical Sciences

Department : Department of Sciences

Year : 2022

Abstract : Chalcones are a class of privileged scaffolds with high medicinal significance due to the presence of an α,β-unsaturated ketone functionality. Numerous functional modifications of chalcones have been reported, along with their pharmacological behavior. The present review aims to summarize the structures from natural sources, synthesis methods, biological characteristics against infectious and non-infectious diseases, and uses of chalcones over the past decade, and their structure–activity relationship studies are detailed in depth. This critical review provides guidelines for the future design and synthesis of various chalcones. In addition, this could be highly supportive for medicinal chemists to develop more promising candidates for various infectious and non-infectious diseases.

Cite this Research Publication : Gayathri Rajendran, Deepu Bhanu, Baladhandapani Aruchamy, Prasanna Ramani, Nanjan Pandurangan, Kondapa Naidu Bobba, Eun Jung Oh, Ho Yun Chung, Prakash Gangadaran, Byeong-Cheol Ahn, "Chalcone: A promising bioactive scaffold in medicinal chemistry", Pharmaceuticals Volume 15 Issue 10 Pages 1250, 2022

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