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Changes in intellectual and academic performance of children following computer-based training: Preliminary results

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Indian Journal of Psychiatry

Source : Indian Journal of Psychiatry, Volume 53, Number 3, p.249-252 (2011)

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Keywords : academic achievement, age distribution, article, brain function, child, clinical assessment, cognition, computer based training, computer program, controlled study, Education, human, human experiment, intelligence, intelligence quotient, intelligence test, mental performance, normal human, sample size, school, school child, skill, Student t test

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Medicine

Department : Biostatistics

Year : 2011

Abstract : Background: The aim of this pilot study was to assess the effectiveness of a computer-based intervention on children who were average in academic performance. Materials and Methods: Twenty-one children aged between 8 and 11 years, in classes 3 rd, 4 th or 5 th formed the sample with 12 in the experimental (who underwent the computer-based training) and 9 in the control group (who did not undergo the training). Pre-and post-assessment was done for all children using a battery of intelligence tests, and the marks obtained by the child at school. The difference in performance of the two groups was compared using the t test. Result: There was significant improvement within the performance of the experimental group in cognitive functioning (Plt;0.05) and school marks (Plt;0.05), as compared with the children in the control group. The limitations of the study include the small sample size, non-random allocation to groups and the (pre and post) assessments being carried out by the researcher. However, the trend of results is promising. Conclusion: Thus, a brief computer-aided intervention for improving neuropsychological functions such as attention and working memory has had a positive impact on the cognitive and academic skills of children who were average in scholastic performance.

Cite this Research Publication : Aa Rajah, Sundaram, K. Rb, and Anandkumar, Ac, “Changes in intellectual and academic performance of children following computer-based training: Preliminary results”, Indian Journal of Psychiatry, vol. 53, pp. 249-252, 2011.

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