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Chapter 6: Business Aspects, Models, Opportunities of IoT

Publication Type : Book Chapter

Publisher : IGI Global

Source : IGI Global,June 2019

Url :

Campus : Chennai

School : School of Computing

Department : Computer Science and Engineering

Year : 2019

Abstract : The new conceivable rule of the future is going to be anything can be connected and will be connected over the internet. Technically, internet of things, is defined as the computing concept of connecting the devices over the internet. This adds a level of digital intelligence to the devices, enabling them to communicate without the human being involved. This chapter will discuss about the business aspects, models, and opportunities involved in IoT. The internet of things or IoT is basically about the interconnection of uniquely identifiable and programmable embedded devices within its infrastructure with the help of the internet.

Cite this Research Publication : S.Baghavathi Priya,A.Vinothini “Chapter 6: Business Aspects, Models, Opportunities of IoT“–Published in IGI Global,June 2019

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