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Color Image Encryption Scheme Using Customized Map

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Taylor & Francis

Source : Imaging Science Journal

Url :

Campus : Chennai

School : School of Computing

Year : 2023

Abstract : The paper presents a new method for encrypting color images using a customized globally coupled lattice (CGCL) map. The process involves generating an initial parameter for the map using an SHA-128 hash function, which is then used to encrypt the image. Two different scrambling algorithms are used to improve the randomness of the encrypted image, and the DNA encoding procedure is used to further encrypt the permuted image components. The proposed scheme is shown to be robust against noise and crop attacks and effectively eliminates adjacent pixel correlation. The schemes information entropy, key space, NPCR, and UACI values are all close to ideal. The time complexity of the scheme is O(12×N×M), and it has a computation time of 2.97s, making it efficient. Overall, the simulation and performance analysis suggest that the proposed scheme is highly secure and resistant to foreign attacks, making it a promising method for color image encryption.

Cite this Research Publication : Mathivanan, P.,&Maran, P. A, "Color Image Encryption Scheme Using Customized Map", Imaging Science Journal, Published on March 2023

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