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Concept of Amalapitta in Kashyapa Samhita An Appraisal

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine .

Source : International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, vol. 7, no. 1, 2016.

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Ayurveda

Department : Samhita, Sanskrit & Siddhanta

Year : 2016

Abstract : This era of evidence based medicine and IT revolution in 21th Century, witnessed an up gradation of alternative medicines as an ultimate solution to the numerous unanswered puzzles in medical field. Ayurveda stands apart from the rest of medical fraternity with its holistic approach to disease management on the basis of Nidana Panchaka that enables this eternal science to effectively handle many apparently minor ailments which certainly hamper the quality of life of humanity. Amlapitta is a disease which is commonly found in almost all parts of the world. Today, wide changes have occurred in life of all. Unhealthy diet, faulty behaviors as smoking, alcohol consuming, drug abuse, stress and physical inactivity are the presentations of unhealthy life style that they are used as dominant form of lifestyle which is not suitable for our normal physiology of digestion of body. Signs and symptoms of Amlapitta are very similar to gastritis or hyperacidity. According to conventional medical science the most common causes of gastritis are H. pylori infections and prolonged use of Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS). Estimates of the prevalence of dyspepsia in western adults generally range from 10% to 20%. These diseases are chronic in nature and affecting to adults mostly. Hence there is a need to understand the concepts and first line treatments. The great Ayurvedic Acharya Charaka and Kashyapa has described very vividly the etiological factors pathogenesis as well as pathya-pathya for the amlapitta various place among Ancient literatures. diseases. Annavisha produced due to Ajirna when mixes with Pittadi Dosha and lodges in Amashaya then it produces the Amlapittadi diseases. This paper attempt has been made to gather and redefine clinical information of the disease Amlapitta from classics of Ayurveda and explain it in contemporary perspectives for better clinical skills for management of the disease.

Cite this Research Publication : Dr. Leena P. Nair, Kuriakose, E., Korede, R., and Mund, J., “Concept of Amalapitta in Kashyapa Samhita An Appraisal”, International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, vol. 7, no. 1, 2016.

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