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Construction of Identity Based Signcryption Using Learning with Rounding

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : Springer

Url :

Year : 2020

Abstract : Current technology, quantum computing is a big threat to the security based on essentially number-theoretic cryptographic constructions. Shor’s algorithm forces one to understanding and working on quantum resistant problems. Therefore, we need a reliable communication especially which can provide both confidentiality and authenticity in a single step. This paper presents an identity based signcryption using learning with rounding (IBSCLR) scheme in a random lattice. The security is based on the worst-case hardness of learning with rounding (LWR) problem. This scheme uses short signature and ensures security in widely acceptable standard model. Furthermore, the scheme illustrates security in the quantum era and can be applied to practical application vehicular, crowdsourcing, internet of things based structure in the modern computation world.

Cite this Research Publication : Dharminder D., Mishra D. (2020) Construction of Identity Based Signcryption Using Learning with Rounding. In: Bhattacharjee A., Borgohain S., Soni B., Verma G., Gao XZ. (eds) Machine Learning, Image Processing, Network Security and Data Sciences. MIND 2020. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 1241. Springer, Singapore.

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