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Construction of RSA-Based Authentication Scheme in Authorized Access to Healthcare Services: Authorized Access to Healthcare Services

Publication Type : Journal Article

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Campus : Chennai

School : School of Engineering

Verified : No

Year : 2019

Abstract : Modern network technology yields new interface for telecare medicine information systems in short TMIS used for patient’s healthcare. This system is used to provide healthcare services to patients at their home. It can be observed, telecare medicine information systems generally suffer several attacks as information being transmitted over a public network. Therefore, various authentication and key agreement schemes are proposed for TMIS to ensure secure and authorized patients communication over given public network. However, most of the schemes fail to achieve essential attributes discussed in this article. Although the key attributes of security and efficiency should be achieved in a common framework. This paper proposes construction of an RSA based authentication scheme for authorized access to healthcare services and achieves desirable key attributes of authentication protocols. Proof of security against polynomial time adversary is given in the random oracle to justify the security of proposed scheme. Communication analysis and computation analysis of proposed scheme indicates that proposed scheme’s performance is comparable and having better security.

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