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Control charts for multiple dependent state repetitive sampling plan using fuzzy Poisson distribution

Publisher : International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology

Year : 2019

Abstract : Multiple Dependent State Repetitive Sampling(MDSRS) plan is a combination of Multiple deferred state sampling plan as well as repetitive sampling plan.This paper deals with multiple dependent repetitive state sampling plan for certain attribute control chart with respect to Poisson, gamma Poisson, fuzzy Poisson andfuzzy Binomial distributions. The average run length for various distributions in MDSRS are tabulated. Graphical illustrations are also made. The average run lengths are compared for smaller shifts in the process using control charts for different parameter values. The proposed method will be much useful in industry during monitoring of manufacturing process. An example of earthquake data set from UCI respiratory is considered and the average run length is computed based on fuzzy Poisson distribution. © IAEME Publication.

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