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Correlating properties of paste, mortar and concrete

Publication Type : Journal Article

Thematic Areas : Medical Sciences

Publisher : Indian Concrete Journal

Source : Indian Concrete Journal, Volume 84, Number 7, p.7-18 (2010)

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Keywords : Compressive strength, Concretes, Durability, Flow behaviours, Flow fields, fluid dynamics, High-performance concrete, Marsh cone, Mechanical properties, Mortar, Saturation dosages, Setting time, Superplasticisers, Testing, Wetlands

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Medicine

Department : Paediatrics

Year : 2010

Abstract : Characterising superplasticised paste is the first step in designing high performance concrete, as superplasticisers are responsible for workability, mechanical properties and durability. This paper analyses the flow behaviour of paste with four types of superplasticisers using Marsh cone test. For understanding the influence of superplasticisers, tests have been performed on mortars and concretes also. The study shows the saturation dosages of superplasticiser obtained from pastes and mortars are comparable, but a slightly higher dosage is required in concretes. The loss of workability in paste, mortar and concrete depends on the superplasticiser type. For satisfactory workability in concrete at 60 minutes, instead of arbitrarily dosing the superplasticiser, the saturation dosage corresponding to this time should be used. The study also shows that adding superplasticiser increases the compressive strength because of better compaction. The results prove that tests on pastes can be the basis for optimising flow behaviour, setting and strength in high performance concretes.

Cite this Research Publication : Ca Jayasree and Gettu, Rb, “Correlating properties of paste, mortar and concrete”, Indian Concrete Journal, vol. 84, pp. 7-18, 2010.

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