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Correlation of Six Minute Walk Distance with Clinical & Spirometric Parameters in COPD

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Amrita Journal of Medicine

Source : Amrita Journal of Medicine, Volume 12, Issue 2, p.32-36 (2016)

Url :

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Medicine

Center : Amrita Institute of Medical Science

Department : Respiratory Medicine

Year : 2016

Abstract : Introduction: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD) is a progressive condition associated with morbidity and mortality. Spirometry, the diagnostic test for of COPD is not widely available. Many a time it is effort dependent and hence, a poor indicator of the functional status. Six Minute walk test, an indicator of functional status would be a better prognostic marker for follow up of patients. Aim of study: To assess correlation of 6 minute walk distance with post bronchodilator FEV1 in patient with COPD Methodology. Patients diagnosed with COPD were subjected to spirometry and 6 Minute walk tests after collecting their baseline demographic and disease characteristics, including MMRC dyspnea scale, BMI , duration of illness, number of exacerbations in past year, medication intake, home oxygen use. Correlation between 6MWD and clinical and spirometric variables estimated using SPSS software version 20. Results: Study included 51 patients. FEV1( mean-53.45%) ( r - 0.293) FVC ( mean- 65.25%)( r - 0.307 ) showed no correlation with 6 MWD. MMRC scale of dyspnea ( r - 0. 497 ) Borg dyspnea scale (r - 0.505) showed positive correlation with 6 MWD Age( 67.76+/- 7.99yrs) (r - 0.141 ) exacerbation frequency ( mean- 1.33) (r - 0.149 ) duration of symptoms (6.94+ /- 9.22 yrs) (r - 0.283 ) showed no correlation. Conclusion: Six Minute walk distance failed to show positive correlation with spirometric parameter and clinical parameters. 6MWD cannot replace spirometry in patients with COPD. It may be used for functional evaluation of patient who cannot perform spirometry.

Cite this Research Publication : Nithya Haridas, “Correlation of Six Minute Walk Distance with Clinical & Spirometric Parameters in COPD”, Amrita Journal of Medicine, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 32-36, 2016.

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