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COVID-19 Comorbidities and Complications Leading to Mortality

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research, 2023;13:407-412.

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Keywords : COVID- 19; Co-morbidities; Sepsis; Pneumonia; Mortality

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Medicine

Year : 2023

Abstract : 472 corona virus infected cases admitted to Amrita hospital from 2020 to 2022 were studied retrospectively and prospectively. Primary aim was to identify the risk factors, to predict the prognostic factors of mortality and assess the association of inflammatory markers with complications in COVID infection. Based on the proportion (16.9%) of risk factor(hypertension) of COVID 19 Patients with 20% relative precision and 95% confidence the minimum sample size comes to 472. SPSS-Software with frequency for Qualitative data, Independent Sample T test and logistical regression were used. Overall Disease Free Survival, Kaplan Meier analysis will be applied along with log rank test. To test the statistical significance of the difference in the proportion of inflammatory markers with the complications, Chi square test will be applied. Diabetes Mellitus, Coronary artery Disease, Chronic Liver Disease and malignancy contributed significantly to mortality. Age more than 60 years, male sex, median D-dimer, NLR ratio, low platelet count and high creatinine values showed statistically significant difference in the patients who died. The complications, hyponatremia were seen in (17%, ORR-3.11), Pneumonia in (70(14.8%)) Sepsis in (6.6% (31)) and UTI in (8.1% (38)). The mortality was 34.3% ( OR15.57) in pneumonia, and 61.3% in sepsis (OR 37.12 in univariate and 12.42 in multivariate analysis), 15.2% in UTI. CRP (OR-1.005), D-dimer (OR-1.009) and ferritin (OR-1) in multivariate analysis showed significance in pneumonia. High Serum ferritin (OR-1), low platelet count (OR 0.991) and elderly (OR-1.002) were independent predictors of mortality in sepsis related to COVID.

Cite this Research Publication : Smita Krishna Murthy, Solomon K Dominic, Arun Divakar, Niveditha Kartha, Gayatri R Nair, Vaibhav Venniyur and MGK Pillai, "COVID-19 Comorbidities and Complications Leading to Mortality", Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research, 2023;13:407-412.

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