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Crypto-watermarking for secure and robust transmission of multispectral images

Publisher : 6th International Conference on Computation of Power, Energy, Information and Communication, ICCPEIC 2017

Year : 2018

Abstract : An ownership protection of Multispectral image and watermark image is the leading problem in specific security services like banking, defence etc. due to insecure medium which has to be addressed because data is in spatial domain. The aim of this scheme is to provide watermarking-crypto strategy in multispectral images where watermarking is used to preserve the monochrome image and crypto protocol provides ownership protection of multispectral images during transmission through insecure medium. This proposed method combines watermarking based on Arnold transform which creates meaningless image of monochrome image embedded into three level DWT of multispectral image and utilizes modulus-shifting algorithm crypto protocol on multispectral image. It is observed that the proposed scheme increases the security, confidentiality and integrity of multispectral image. © 2017 IEEE.

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