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Cyberbullying- A Threat to Children and their Psycho-social ambience

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Psychology and Education Journal

Source : Psychology and Education, 2020

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Campus : Amaravati

School : School of Engineering

Department : English

Verified : No

Year : 2020

Abstract : Bullying is always present across the world forever. It is present almost in every social and personal space of the human being. In the 21st century, almost the total population is connected with one or another through the internet. People across the world share a social gathering in terms of internet-connected games, social media, and forums. Bullying is in front of us with a new avatar called cyberbullying which has no boundary or limitation. The younger generation is far more affected compared to elder ones due to cyberbullying due to their curiosity about the internet. The amount of time they spend over the social platform and their vulnerability to bullying due to premature mental agility are some of the main reasons that they are easily trapped in the web of cyber. Cyberbullying can be from a simple step like posting a light rumor about someone till critical like taking someones identity to blackmail others. It is one of the most popular crimes today which mostly affects the population at its most. Several criminal cases like suicide, rape, kidnapping, attempt to murder, and even murder are found to be the ripples for which the epicenter is cyberbullying. Doxing is one of the recent terms mostly used for researching someones identity on public platforms and posting in formations about victim without his/her consent. Doxing is the newest type of cyberbullying for which there are several fines and even imprisonment is imposed by governments across the world. As per section-66A of IT Act, if someone misuses the computer to violate someones privacy, it is an offense and for doing that there is a provision of 2-3 years of imprisonment or 5 lakh rupee fine or both in India. Cyberbullying is a heinous crime and it is the prime responsibility of the parents of minors to periodically monitor the children's wellbeing in terms of cybersecurity. Our paper is an initiative to draw the attention of the public and parents to help their wards against such threats. There has an endeavour in this paper to thoroughly analyze the reason, impact, and steps to avoid cyberbullying

Cite this Research Publication : Dr. K. Ram Chandra, Dr. R. Chithra, Dr. Shakila Azim, Dr. T. Thirumurugan, K. Vijaya, Dr. Arokia Paul Rajan R. “Cyberbullying- A Threat to Children and their Psycho-social ambience” Psychology and Education, ISSN:00333077,57(9), 1106-1109, DOI:

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