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Deep Learning-Based Wildfire Image Detection and Classification Systems for Controlling Biomass

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : International Journal of Intelligent Systems

Source : International Journal of Intelligent Systems,Volume 2023

Url :

Campus : Chennai

School : School of Computing

Department : Computer Science and Engineering

Year : 2023

Abstract : Forests are essential natural resources that directly impact the ecosystem. However, the rising frequency of forest fires due to natural and artificial climate change has become a critical issue. A revolutionary municipal application proposes deploying an artificial intelligence-based forest fire warning system to prevent major disasters. This work aims to present an overview of vision-based methods for detecting and categorizing forest fires. The study employs a forest fire detection dataset to address the classification difficulty of discriminating between photos with and without fire. This method is based on convolutional neural network transfer learning with Inception-v3. Thus, automatic identification of current forest fires (including burning biomass) is a critical field of research for reducing negative repercussions. Early fire detection can also assist decision-makers in developing mitigation and extinguishment strategies. Radial basis function Networks (RBFNs) with rapid and accurate image super resolution (RAISR) is a deep learning framework trained on an input dataset to detect active fires and burning biomass. The proposed RBFN-RAISR model’s performance in recognizing fires and nonfires was compared to earlier CNN models using several performance criteria. The water wave optimization technique is used for image feature selection, noise and blurring reduction, image improvement and restoration, and image enhancement and restoration. When classifying fire and no-fire photos, the proposed RBFN-RAISR fire detection approach achieves 97.55% accuracy, 93.33% F-Score, 96.44% recall, 94.19% precision, and an error rate of 24.89. Given the one-of-a-kind forest fire detection dataset, the suggested method achieves promising results for the forest fire categorization problem.

Cite this Research Publication : M. Prakash,S. Neelakandan,M. Tamilselvi,S. Velmurugan,S. Baghavathi Priya,and Eric Ofori Martinson, Deep Learning-Based Wildfire Image Detection and Classification Systems for Controlling Biomass, International Journal of Intelligent Systems,Volume 2023 | Article ID 7939516 |[Q1]SCOPUS PERCENTILE : 91

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