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Design and Development of Air Pollution Monitoring System for Smart Cities

Publisher : Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Control Systems, ICICCS 2018

Year : 2019

Abstract : Environmental parameter monitoring has become major concern in modern megalopolis due to revolution and advancement. The designed system uses Internet of Things (IOT) which provides an economical and an effective system to monitor air pollution level in particular area. IOT empowers vast scope of entities and physical world to be communicated and monitored in fine details. For bestow fascinating services, to exchange and communicate information, IOT embeds connectivity with decision making capability among devices can be used. The strategy of system defines a customized design of IOT based monitoring devices which determine the levels of toxicity in gases in the atmosphere. Using different sensors and GPS connected to ESP8266 air pollution can be determined. The ESP module bridged to cloud, helps to determine the location and pollution level. This integrated system will help in studying testimony of smart city in order to justify the steps taken to control the pollution level. © 2018 IEEE.

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