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Design and development of enhanced road safety mechanism using smart roads and energy optimized solar street lights

Publication Type : Conference Proceedings

Publisher : ICECDS

Source : International Conference on Energy, Communication, Data Analytics and Soft Computing(ICECDS 2017)

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ISBN : 9781538618868

Keywords : Accident prevention, Arduino, Controllers, Ldr sensors, light emitting diodes, Microcontrollers, MOS-FET, MOSFET devices, Motor transportation, Photovoltaic, Piezosensors, Rack and pinions, Roads and streets, Secondary batteries, Soft computing, Solar cell arrays, Solar concentrators, Solar energy, Solar power generation, Speed, Speed breakers, Speed detection, Street lighting

Campus : Bengaluru

School : School of Engineering

Center : Amrita Innovation & Research

Department : Electrical and Electronics

Verified : Yes

Year : 2018

Abstract : Energy optimization is an important aspect in these days and it is applied in every domain. Technologies like smart street lighting and automated speed breakers are few which are applied in transportation domain. The work focus on two aspects. First one is to optimize the energy consumed by the street lights by introducing smart solar street lights. Second one is to enhance road safety and thus by optimizing the fuel consumption. To achieve the smart street lighting, a combined technology of piezo sensors and LDR sensor is proposed. The piezo sensors are used for detection of vehicle speed, which will actuate the speed breakers. The LED's are powered using batteries which are powered by a solar panel. A controller circuit is installed for the monitoring of charge in the batteries, to prevent from overcharging. The power output from the solar panel is given to the MOSFET which is used for lighting the LED. To actuate the speed breaker, a servo motor is paired with a rack and pinion, for the translation of rotatory motion to linear motion. To perform all this control functions, Arduino micro controller is used. © 2017 IEEE.

Cite this Research Publication : Manitha P.V, Anandaraman, Sudarshan S, Manikumaran K, Aswathaman K"Design and Development of Enhanced Road Safety Mechanism using Smart Roads and Energy Optimized Solar Street Lights,International Conference on Energy, Communication, Data Analytics and Soft Computing(ICECDS 2017)

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