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Design guidance for cordon shaft of twin drives in cement mills [Konstruktionsanleitung für die Kardanwelle von Zwillingsantrieben von Zementmühlen]

Publisher : ZKG International

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Year : 2007

Abstract : pThe dynamic behavior of flexible shafts for heavy-duty drives in cement mills is analyzed by using the finite element metod (FEM) and Rayleigh's Energy Method. The spinning flexible shaft is modeled as a Euler Beam and membranes as Kirchoff circular plates. FEM and the Rayleigh energy method are used to determine the natural frequencies of the system. The asymmetric behavior of the system is modelled using axisymmetric solid elements subjected to non-axisymmetric loading and meshed using four nodded elements in the axial section. The fundamental natural frequency value obtained by FEM is crosschecked with the Energy method for the bending behavior of the shaft. The results obtained from the two methods agree well. Critical design parameters in a heavy-duty drive, such as the diameter of the shaft, the number of membranes and its outer diameter are studied in detail. It is demonstrated that the proposed method can be used effectively to predict the vibration characteristics of heavy-duty drives of cement mills./p

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