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Design Implementation of Windows CE 6.0 Based Vehicle Management System GUI

Publisher : International Conference in Embedded Systems, CIT

Year : 2010

Abstract : Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) is a multitasking operating system intended for real-time applications in the embedded domain which includes robotics, automotive, industrial control and security, and scientific research equipments. The evolution of embedded systems paved way for the development of first, generic RTOS and then gradually application specific RTOS. In this paper the design and implementation of a vehicle dashboard system, called Vehicle Management System is made with eBOX 4300 as the embedded hardware platform and Windows CE 6.0 RTOS, is discussed. The application for vehicle dashboard is developed in Visual Basic.Net. As future work the performance of this WINCE based system is analyzed using standard remote debugging tools in Visual Studio 2005. The same Vehicle Management System is to be implemented in some other RTOS based embedded unit and the performance of both systems is to be compared. Based on the comparison, the evolution of RTOS from generic to application specific nature can be understood and finally the need and advantages of application specific RTOS for given application can be brought out.

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