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Design of an Antibiotic-Releasing Polymer: Physicochemical Characterization and Drug Release Patterns

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : MDPI

Source : Membranes Volume 13 Issue 1 Pages 102, 2023

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Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Physical Sciences

Department : Chemistry

Year : 2023

Abstract : Conventional drug delivery has its share of shortcomings, especially its rapid drug release with a relatively short duration of therapeutic drug concentrations, even in topical applications. Prolonged drug release can be effectively achieved by modifying the carrier in a drug delivery system. Among the several candidates for carriers studied over the years, poly (ether ether ketone), a biocompatible thermoplastic, was chosen as a suitable carrier. Its inherent hydrophobicity was overcome by controlled sulfonation, which introduced polar sulfonate groups onto the polymer backbone. Optimization of the sulfonation process was completed by the variation of the duration, temperature of the sulfonation, and concentration of sulfuric acid. The sulfonation was confirmed by EDS and the degree of sulfonation was determined by an NMR analysis (61.6% and 98.9%). Various physical properties such as morphology, mechanical strength, and thermal stability were studied using scanning electron microscopy, tensile testing, and thermogravimetric analysis. Cytotoxicity tests were performed on the SPEEK samples to study the variation in biocompatibility against a Vero cell line. The drug release kinetics of ciprofloxacin (CP) and nalidixic acid sodium salt (NA)-loaded membranes were studied in deionized water as well as SBF and compared against the absorbance of standardized solutions of the drug. The data were then used to determine the diffusion, distribution, and permeability coefficients. Various mathematical models were used to fit the obtained data to establish the order and mechanism of drug release. Studies revealed that drug release occurs by diffusion and follows zero-order kinetics.

Cite this Research Publication : Himabindu Padinjarathil, Srikrishna Mudradi, Rajalakshmi Balasubramanian, Carmelo Drago, Sandro Dattilo, Nikhil K Kothurkar, Prasanna Ramani, "Design of an Antibiotic-Releasing Polymer: Physicochemical Characterization and Drug Release Patterns", Membranes Volume 13 Issue 1 Pages 102, 2023

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