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Development and characterization of photodiode from p-Cu2CdSnS4/n-Bi2S3 heterojunction

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : IOP Publishing

Source : Materials Research Express, IOP Publishing, Volume 7, Issue 1, p.015909 (2020)

Url :

Campus : Coimbatore

School : Center for Industrial Research and Innovation

Department : Sciences

Year : 2020

Abstract : Here we investigated the photo response behaviour of p-Cu2CdSnS4 (p-CCTS)/n-Bi2S3 heterojunction photodiode. The solution processed CCTS films without any high temperature sulfurization demonstrated the photo response behaviour, suggesting the material is well suited for low temperature processed photovoltaic applications. A CCTS film was deposited on an ITO coated glass substrate using simple sol-gel based spin coating method. Current–voltage (I–V) characteristic of the p-CCTS/n-Bi2S3 heterojunction photodiode showed a good rectifying behaviour indicating better junction formation between CCTS and Bi2S3 layers. The obtained photocurrent is 4 times higher than that of the dark current. The I–V curves are asymmetric with respect to voltages and the photocurrent in the positive bias region is considerably higher than the corresponding values in the negative bias region. With these results, it is concluded that the CdS material in traditional thin film PV devices can be replaced with Bi2S3 for better transportation of charge carriers in the PN-junction.

Cite this Research Publication : S. M Kumar, Madhusudanan, S. P., Mohanta, K., and Sudip Kumar Batabyal, “Development and characterization of photodiode from p-Cu2CdSnS4/n-Bi2S3 heterojunction”, Materials Research Express, vol. 7, no. 1, p. 015909, 2020.

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