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Development of an Intelligent Control Strategy for a Hybrid Energy System Integrated with the HEV Drive

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Taylor & Francis

Source : IETE Journal of Research

Url :

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Engineering

Year : 2023

Abstract : Efficient and accurate performance of a control system plays a major role in developing an energy-efficient intelligent control system (ICS) for the Grid-connected Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) applications. The ICS constitutes the control of hybrid energy split among the renewable sources (PV and Fuel Cell), HEV drive control is achieved by controlling the grid-connected inverter and bi-directional DC–DC converter. MPPT is designed in ICS to extract the maximum amount of power from solar PV. RESS control provides the maximum amount of extracted energy from PV and FC. In this proposed system, a bi-directional DCDC converter along with the storage system is designed to transfer energy in forward and reverse directions from source to storage element and storage element to load end in the process of charging and discharging of the battery which constitutes the bidirectional energy transfer. In addition to these control operations, ICS provides HEV drive control by controlling the grid-connected inverter. The operation of the developed ICS is compared with the conventional controllers and the results show that the proposed system with ICS is highly efficient than conventional controllers. The proposed system is tested with a three-phase load and HEV drive, both speed and torque controls are performed for the grid-connected HEV drive, and the system is tested with the different standard drive cycles.

Cite this Research Publication : Appalabathula Venkatesh, Shankar Nalinakshan, “Development of an Intelligent Control Strategy for a Hybrid Energy System Integrated with HEV Drive” IETE Journal of Research, March 2023, pp.1-20, (SCI Journal).

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