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Development of effective wearing layer elastic modulus for interlocking concrete block pavements

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Construction and Building Materials

Url :

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Department : Civil

Year : 2022

Abstract : Interlocking Concrete Block Pavement (ICBP) is an emerging pavement type used in many countries. The main objective of the present study is to develop a model to estimate the combined modulus of the ICBP wearing layer, which comprises of Interlocking Paver Block (IPB), jointing sand and bedding sand. A repetitive laboratory plate load test was conducted initially to finalise the block shape and laying pattern for which the model has to be developed and validated with the numerical analysis. Furthermore, the combined elastic modulus of the ICBP pavement section is also determined using repetitive plate load test. From the derived combined modulus of ICBP section, the effective elastic modulus of wearing layer (Ewear) is calculated using Burmister’s equation. Similarly, the effective elastic modulus is also determined using Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis through back calculation and iteration process. Statistical analysis is carried out using two tailed t-test to validate the effective elastic modulus derived from Burmister’s equation and FEM analysis. Significant parameters to be considered for the modulus model is derived from the sensitivity analysis. From the derived significant parameters, the effective elastic modulus of ICBP wearing layer is developed. The effective modulus model of the ICBP wearing layer was proved to be statistically significant fit with 95% confidence level. The developed effective elastic modulus is validated with the deflection measurement using IITPAVE software and deflection prediction model.

Cite this Research Publication : Arjun Siva Rathan, R. T., & Sunitha, V. (2022). Development of effective wearing layer elastic modulus for interlocking concrete block pavements. Construction and Building Materials, 341, 127796. (SCIE)

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