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Development of limiting soil slope profile under seismic condition using slip line theory

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Springer Nature

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Year : 2021

Abstract : This study embraces the formation of the limiting geometry of finite slopes under the static and seismic conditions within the slip line theory framework coupled with the modified pseudo-dynamic approach. The proposed methodology is expected to achieve a global factor of safety of 1.0 for the obtained slope profile. While analysing the stability of slopes using the limit analysis or the limit equilibrium method, the cognition of the slope geometry and the nature of the slip surface need to be known in advance. Such limitations are ruled out in the present analysis with the aid of the slip line method. Further, by employing the modified pseudo-dynamic approach, the dynamic properties of soil, such as damping ratio and frequency effect, are effectively considered in this stability analysis. The consideration of the slip line theory permits to achieve an adaptive failure mechanism in the analysis. The impact of a set of parameters characterizing the input motion and the dynamic soil properties on the behaviour of a slope explains the relevance of the present modified pseudo-dynamic approach compared to the conventional pseudo-static and the original pseudo-dynamic approaches. The proposed solution serves as a measure of the seismic slope stability in accordance with the geomorphological process generally encountered in nature. Compared with the available literature, the present results propose safe, economical, and efficient design guidelines for finite slopes and intimate the need for preventive measures to enhance the stability of existing slopes.

Cite this Research Publication : Nandi, S., G. Santhoshkumar, and Ghosh, P. (2021). “Development of limiting soil slope profile under seismic condition using slip line theory”, Acta Geotechnica (Springer), Published Online. DOI: 10.1007/s11440-021-01251-4 (Q1, IF – 5.856/2021)

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