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Digital photoelastic analysis applied to implant dentistry

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Digital optical & Imaging methods in structural mechanics

Source : Digital optical & Imaging methods in structural mechanics, vol. 87, pp. 204 - 213, 2016

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Keywords : All-On-Four®, Bio-mechanics, Dental implants, Digital Photoelasticity, Twelve fringe photoelasticity

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Engineering

Center : Amrita Innovation & Research

Department : Mechanical, Mechanical Engineering

Verified : Yes

Year : 2016

Abstract : Development of improved designs of implant systems in dentistry have necessitated the study of stress fields in the implant regions of the mandible/maxilla for better understanding of the biomechanics involved. Photoelasticity has been used for various studies related to dental implants in view of whole field visualization of maximum shear stress in the form of isochromatic contours. The potential of digital photoelasticity has not been fully exploited in the field of implant dentistry. In this paper, the fringe field in the vicinity of the connected implants (All-On-Four® concept) is analyzed using recent advances in digital photoelasticity. Initially, a novel 3-D photoelastic model making procedure, to closely mimic all the anatomical features of the human mandible is proposed. By choosing appropriate orientation of the model with respect to the light path, the essential region of interest were sought to be analysed while keeping the model under live loading conditions. Need for a sophisticated software module to carefully identify the model domain has been brought out. For data extraction, five-step method is used and isochromatics are evaluated by twelve fringe photoelasticity. In addition to the isochromatic fringe field, whole field isoclinic data is also obtained for the first time in implant dentistry, which could throw important information in improving the structural stability of the implant systems. Analysis is carried out for the implant in the molar as well as the incisor region. In addition, the interaction effects of loaded molar implant on the incisor area are also studied.

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Ramesh K., Hariprasad M. P., and Bhuvaneswari Shanmugam, “Digital photoelastic analysis applied to implant dentistry”, Digital optical & Imaging methods in structural mechanics, vol. 87, pp. 204 - 213, 2016

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