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Diseases, Pests, and Disorders in Plum: Diagnosis and Management

Publication Type : Book Chapter

Publisher : Taylor & Francis Group

Source : Chapter In: Handbook of Plum Fruit

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Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Agricultural Sciences

Year : 2023

Abstract : Plum and their hybrids are facing complications. Diseases, insect pests, and the abiotic factors wreak havoc on the quantity and quality of fruits and vegetables from production to consumption. Many of the diseases and pests that affect plums are found in all Prunus spp., growing outside of earlier reported areas. Information on diseases, pests, and abiotic stresses that affect plums in their traditional production areas is a valuable source of expertise applied to the new regions where these plums are now expanding. Plums are affected by foliar diseases (brown rot, black knot, plum pocket, powdery mildew, rust, bacterial canker, and spot), soil-borne diseases (wilt, root, and crown rot), fruit diseases (grey mould, anthracnose, sooty blotch, and flyspeck), systemic infections (viruses, viroids, and phytoplasma), insect pests (moths, borers, flies, scales, aphids, bugs, curculio, and mites), and below-ground plant-parasitic nematodes. Also, plum production is prone to common nutritional deficiencies and abiotic disorders due to poor orchard upkeep and cultivation practices. Depending on the climatic circumstances, disease and pest management might consume a significant crop budget. Thus, the diagnosable symptoms and characteristics of the agents are crucial for diagnosis and management. Because biotic and abiotic pressures are difficult to eliminate, it’s usually advisable to take preventive or toleration strategies with accepting some harm. A better indulgence of the interactions between crops and harmful factors is required to identify efficient management measures.

Cite this Research Publication : Seethapathy, P., Gothandaraman, R., Gurudevan, T., & Malik, I. A. " Diseases, Pests, and Disorders in Plum: Diagnosis and Management", Chapter In: Handbook of Plum Fruit

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