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Dynamic Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Hybrid Jellyfish Optimization-Leach Protocol

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Source : Dynamic Systems and Applications 30 (11), 1698-1718

Url :

Campus : Bengaluru

School : School of Computing

Department : Computer Science and Engineering

Year : 2021

Abstract : WSNs are usually equipped with a large number of sensor nodes that are designed and deployed to distribute and distribute the required data. Although sensors are sometimes deployed in remote environments, it is essential to identify a cluster head(CH) with an energy-efficient technique for transferring data in WSN. Cluster head selection algorithm is becoming a significant and challenging problem in WSN. This research presented a hybrid Leach with jellyfish algorithm for cluster head selection and an energy-efficient Heuristic Moth Search Algorithm (HMSA) to find efficient paths for transferring data to base station (BS). This technique avoids congestion with less guaranteed delays and maintain the energy efficiency of WSNs. The cluster head (CH) determines the residual energy on the basis of an optimum fit function assessed on the basis of strategic parameters such as distance between adjacent nodes and the centre. It can significantly reduce the number of dead nodes and reduce energy consumption. The HMSA method has been used to determine the best route for data transfer to the base station once the CH selection is complete. The entire WSN field is divided into several subdivisions, and each section chooses the designated target by measuring the transmission distance. The proposed approach has been assessed analytically, and results are compared with those related to conventional methods, namely HEED, FACER and EACBM, in terms of WSN Quality of service (QoS). The suggested approach demonstrated better performance in the number of live nodes and energy consumption than conventional algorithms. Keywords: Jellyfish algorithm, HMSA approach, Cluster head, Routing protocol, WSN.

Cite this Research Publication : Dynamic Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Hybrid Jellyfish Optimization-Leach Protocol, M Gurupriya, A Sumathi, Dynamic Systems and Applications 30 (11), 1698-1718

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