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Effect of graphene coating on carbon fibers on the deformation modes of composites under flexural loading

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : Polymer Composites 1-15, (Dec 2023)

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Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Artificial Intelligence

Year : 2024

Abstract : Graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) are extremely useful nanofillers in epoxy in carbon fiber‐reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites as they make CFPRs sustain higher loads before failure in different kinds of loading for example flexural, tensile and fatigue. The current study aims to investigate the effect of GNP coating on carbon fibers on the deformation modes of CFRPs under flexural loading. Laminates have been fabricated using vacuum‐assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM) after spray coating GNPs on unidirectional carbon fiber fabrics. One set of flexural tests were carried out where the strain was recorded using DIC and the other set had in‐situ deformation while recording optical images to monitor deformation. Since, the most probable causes of failure under flexural loading are local compression, shear or contact stresses due to a sharp ram, other mechanical tests like compression test and nano‐indentation were also carried out on the composites. Compressive stress–strain response was ascertained using combined loading compression (CLC) fixture and digital image corelation (DIC) while contact response was evaluated using nanoindentation. GNP‐coated CFRPs were shown to have an increase in compressive modulus of 16% and failure strain of 6%, respectively. Axial and transverse strains measured through DIC were more than two times higher in GNP‐coated CFRPs. Nano‐indentation tests across the entire composite showed some data with intermediate modulus (~10–45 GPa) and hardness (~1–5 GPa) between the epoxy and the fiber and this corresponded to an interphase region which was thicker in 0.4GNP laminate compared to pristine laminate. Flexural strength, flexural modulus and strain at maximum stress improved by 10%, 8%, and 9% respectively in GNP‐coated CFRPs compared to uncoated CFRPs. In addition, while pristine laminates showed non‐uniform distribution of strains during flexural loading, the distribution of strains was much more uniform in GNP‐coated laminate. However, in both kinds of laminates, the failure initiation was in the region of compressive bending stresses.

Cite this Research Publication : Srivastava AK, Singh A, Effect of graphene coating on carbon fibers on the deformation modes of composites under flexural loading, Polymer Composites 1-15, (Dec 2023)

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