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Enzyme Technology in Food Processing: Recent Developments and Future Prospects

Publication Type : Book Chapter

Source : (2021): 191-215.

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Campus : Kochi

School : School of Biotechnology

Department : biotechnology

Year : 2021

Abstract : The use of enzymes in food processing is an age-old process. With the advancement of R&D and new technologies, several novel enzymes with wide range of applications have been developed. The present article gives an insight into different microbial enzymes which find applications in food processing. Various type of food processing and the use of enzymes in various stages of operation are detailed in the chapter. Enzymes such as amylases, proteases, alpha galactosidase, beta galactosidase, lipase, phospholipase, asparaginase, glutaminase, phytase, naringinase, laccase and invertase have been described in detail with their characteristics pertinent to their use in food processing. Application of these enzymes in food processing and challenges to make these applications economically viable are also discussed. Keywords: Enzymes; Microbial; Food processing; Fermentation; Applications

Cite this Research Publication : Sindhu, R., Shiburaj, S., Sabu, A., Fernandes, P., Singhal, R., Mathew, G.M., Nair, I.C., Jayachandran, K., Vidya, J., de Souza Vandenberghe, L.P. Deniz, I., Aravind Madhavan et al 2021. Enzyme Technology in Food Processing: Recent Developments and Future Prospects." (2021): 191-215.

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