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Evolution of electrode geometry shape and their weld quality in FCAW

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : High Temperature Material Processes

Source : High Temperature Material Processes , 2017.

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Department : Mechanical Engineering

Year : 2017

Abstract : t: For structural steel applications, bridge construction and heavy equipment repair, flux-cored welding has become a standard and reliable process due to its ability to provide high-deposition rates and good weld quality. Still reduction in cycle time and improved quality are the important significance in all manufacturing industries. It applies equally for every manufacturing process and more so for welding process. To attain the above objectives newer attempt has been tried out while existing process are being optimized. In this direction the conventional experimental setup has been developed to encourage high welding performance variant. Influence of changing filler metal geometric one way to improve the capability of giving high weld quality. Accordingly a strip wire electrode has been developed and weld characteristic has been investigated with three different orientations. The overall results show that, the proposed technique of changing flux cored wire geometry can be used effectively to improve the welding performances. The paper indicates how the electrode wire geometry modification helped in order to improve the quality of welding as well as cycle time reduction and also how production is increased with the use of the strip wire flux cored arc welding (SW-FCAW) instead of regular flux cored arc welding (FCAW) as described in this paper. Keywords: FCAW process, E70T1, Strip wire electrode, electrode orientation and weld quality

Cite this Research Publication : Dr. M. Ramu, “Evolution of electrode geometry shape and their weld quality in FCAW”, High Temperature Material Processes , 2017.

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