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Existence of best proximity point in O- complete metric spaces

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Mathematics

Source : Mathematics, 11,16 (2023), 3453

Url :,d%20(%20A%20%2C%20B%20)%20.

Campus : Coimbatore

Year : 2023

Abstract : In this work, we prove the existence of the best proximity point results for ⊥-contraction (orthogonal-contraction) mappings on an O-complete metric space (orthogonal-complete metric space). Subsequently, these existence results are employed to establish the common best proximity point result. Finally, we provide suitable examples to demonstrate the validity of our results.

Cite this Research Publication : Poonguzali, G., V. Pragadeeswarar,Manuel De la Sen, Existence of Best Proximity Point in O-CompleteMetric Spaces, Mathematics, 11,16 (2023), 3453.

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