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Extraction of chlorpyrifos and malathion from water by metal nanoparticles

Publisher : Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Year : 2007

Abstract : The nanoparticles of gold and silver in solution state and supported over activated alumina are effective systems for the quantitative removal of chlorpyrifos and malathion, two common pesticides found in surface waters of developing nations, from water. In the solution phase, these pesticides adsorb onto the nanoparticles' surfaces and upon interaction for a long time, the nanoparticles with adsorbed pesticides precipitate. In contrast, complete removal of these pesticides occurs when contaminated water is passed over nanoparticles supported on alumina. A prototype of an on-line filter was made using a column of activated alumina powder loaded with silver nanoparticles and the device was used for pesticide removal for extended periods. We believe that the method has great technological potential in drinking water purification, especially using silver nanoparticles. Copyright ©2007 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

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